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8 Years Of Experience In Media & Digital Industry

Seeking facts, creating solutions and providing through multiple media a dynamic, useful tool that offers a holistic vision of human transformations and

fosters positive development. 

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About us

Since 2015, Mt. Kenya Times newspaper has assisted great number companies, individuals and government entities in improving their productivity and visibility. We are a dynamic, versatile and vibrant media house ready to foster a beneficial partnership with you.

The Exponential International Brands are: Strategic communication channels, print, Audio-visual and Online/digital publications that identifies and promotes innovation, entrepreneurship, technology & creativity in prominent African and global industries.

Our comprehensive editorial captures the ideas that reshape markets in every sector of the economy. The Exponential International Brands provides an exceptional medium where citizens from all walks of life & level of experience share their know-how with fellow citizens while gaining at every exposure to new information.

We seek facts, create solutions and provide through multiple media a dynamic, useful tool that offers a holistic vision of human transformations and fosters positive development.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to be the most excellent resource for the quality reporting, informing and in-depth analysis of the Social, Economic, Political & Financial trends that impact every individual.

Our Philosophy

We serve readers and society by creating content that inspires generations after generations through faithful, impartial & honest passionately reported independent journalism.

Our Values
We adhere to a set of core values, beliefs, and principles that guide our company’s choices and staff actions as we meet our mission of informing and improving public intellect: Dynamism, Distinction, and Relevance.

Our First newspaper was printed in December 2015. We had 12 paged monthly newspapers. The newspaper was only distributed in Nairobi. We were producing 2-3 thousand copies. Today we produce a minimum of 20 paged to a maximum of 72 paged print newspapers which circulates in Nairobi & environs, larger Mt. Kenya and Central Rift reaching 15 counties. In December 2019 we introduced Geo-Specific Targeted Marketing (GSTM) where the clients determine the number of copies and where they want them to be circulated on weekly basis.

Our GST Marketing newspaper circulation model connects End-users with Source in a progressive market friendly manner that guarantees 5 key benefits namely; Choice, Customization, Convenience, Flexibility & Longevity. We give you choice of where, how and when to put your Feature, Article or Advert

In 2020 we introduced Mt. Kenya Times daily epaper and The Diaspora Times Global Weekly epaper

In 2021 we established Classico Opine Magazine

Target Group
Both newspaper and online site are built on four key thematic areas: news, sports, money and life and keenly focus on general interest and domestic Kenyan news. The rebranded Geo-Specific Targeted Marketing (GSTM) newspaper target reader is 14-65 years audiences with little time to read newspaper, thus we introduced more infographics and reduced text model newspaper.

We provide a unified view of Kenyan, African & world news, with emphasis on; entrepreneurship, economics, politics, health, technology, innovation, agribusiness, education, sports, events, opinions, analysis, and a historical background to current affairs in a way that is both creative and innovative.


Our Digital Agenda

Since inception we had envisaged a digital economy publishing channel that fused digitized newspaper and new media broadcasting channel so as to effectively communicate to both old and young generation in a manner that brings understanding to them.

Early this year the government called for interested media houses to bid for ONLINE AND DIGITAL ADVERTISING TENDER where we were lucky to be among winners.

We were accredited to offer the following services to all Government Ministries/Departments, State Corporations and Public Universities:

  1. Livestream Package
  2. Bulk SMS Alerts
  3. Online E-paper Subscription
  4. Sponsored Content (permanent) Comes with complimentary article posts on social media (Facebook & Twitter)
  5. Landing Page Campaign (lead generation capability optional)
  6. Landing Page Campaign (lead generation capability optional)
  7. Creative Development (Banners for web | mobile and social media)
  8. Infographic Design
  9. Mobile App Push Notifications
  10. Content Sponsorship Mobile Category
  11. In-Feed banners
  12. Native Adverts
  13. Digital Media Strategy and Planning (Training and capacity building for Government Ministries/Departments, State Corporations and Public Universities
  14. Video Production